The story of 979fm

Some names that 979fm Radio station had are : Satellite City Radio, Melton Community Access Radio, 3RIM, Melton fm and now 979fm.   In  October 1980 a steering committee was formed to investigate the feasibility of establishing a local community radio station... Read more

Tom Sanders Celebrate his 200th show on 97.9fm

Tom Sanders, a member and announcer of 979fm, Friday 22nd July is celebrating his 200th show. Tom Sanders’s show is called The Drive Home, and it began about 4 years ago. Tom’s friend Jake did work experience with 97.9fm and eventually got... Read more

7 “Pokemon go” Safety Tips

  We all heard about it, most of us playing the game. Safety should be a major consideration when playing “Pokémon Go,” a game that requires trainers to explore the real world in order to expand and cultivate their... Read more

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Information on 979fm Melton Community Radio Our radio station has been on the air for over 30 years, 979fm (3RIM Inc.) has been providing the only true community radio service across the City of Melton and its surrounding. 979fm... Read more